about the enthusiast

WHO IS SHE? C’mon, say it with me, in your best Nikki Grahame voice…

The Enthusiast behind The Enthusiast is me, Ellie. Cambridge-born, Hull-raised, and now London-living, I’m a big fan of a power suit and a gospel choir. When I graduated from uni in 2017 (with a BA in philosophy, which should make asking the question “Who am I?” a little easier, but that I desperately despise) I set up The Wedding Enthusiast, a creative consultancy for the wedding industry. It was met with overwhelming, humbling support, but more than a fair few remarks about how unusual it was for a then-21 year old to be so into weddings, and to have set up her own business. To me, it wasn’t remarkable - it was just the natural next step of how I felt. But it got me thinking about how I felt and why I felt how I did - and the answer to that was enthusiasm. The Enthusiast was born. (The business. I was born 21 years earlier, on a Friday in April 1996. Pay attention).

When not enthusing about enthusiasm, I’m writing copy for small businesses, crying about perfect sunsets, trying to find the perfect high waisted jeans (any suggestions, hit me up), dreaming about New York, eating Turkish food, and Christmas shopping, regardless of the time of year.

Photo by the wonderful  Joanna Bongard

Photo by the wonderful Joanna Bongard