Do what you love

One of my biggest tips on how to be more enthusiastic is doing one thing that you love every. single. day. Making the commitment to engage in one activity everyday that you absolutely adore works wonders for your levels of enthusiasm - even 15 minutes will make a big impact. It doesn’t have to be the same thing everyday and it doesn’t have to be something particularly edifying - in other words, it doesn’t have to be something you’d be happy shouting about on instagram, although great if it is - it just has to be something that brings you loads of joy when you do it.

But time often slips away when you’re drowning in work or super stressed with your to-do list, so it can be hard to keep track of. And if you’re feeling low, it can seem a lot of effort to get up to do that thing, so you may want a little nudge to motivate yourself to get it done. That’s why I’ve created a handy little downloadable/printable habit tracker to spur you on daily! Just print it out (it’s specifically got a light background so that it should print fine - there’s nothing worse than splodgy, bleeding ink), pop your activity in the top - it can be something specific or just ‘something I love’, and then start to track it week by week. Start on a Wednesday, start on a Friday, name the weeks by date, by number or by astrology - however your brain works. The crucial part is giving yourself a big fat tick, cross or smiley face in the corresponding day’s box when you’ve done 15 minutes of something you love.

Download it as a jpeg / pdf

habit tracker stars peach.jpg