How to be more enthusiastic 

Now it’s all well and good me saying just be more enthusiastic about things whilst naturally, genetically bouncing off the walls with glee at the tiniest thing most days, but what about tangible, practical advice on how to be more enthusiastic? Well, it wouldn’t be a very good movement if you’re left with no idea how to move, so here are some great starting points.

Don’t care what people think

The whole point of The Enthusiast is that caring is cool, but the caveat is not when it’s caring about other people’s opinions over and above your own. Don’t give one single flying fuck if people judge you for being enthusiastic. It’s everything your mum told you on your first day of school - they’re jealous, they’re idiots, use it to fuel you and make you stronger, etc - but also, it’s stupid, because they’ll be enthusiastic about something in their own lives, and there’s no hierarchy here. (This also goes for fearing disappointment, or looking stupid.) This is especially true on the internet. Granted, without it, I’d never have been able to ship t-shirts to beautiful and far-flung places like Australia, and would never have been able to watch a video of birds doing the can can when I’m feeling sad. However, it is also a place where barriers are broken down and barbed words are hurled from people you don’t even know and will never know.

Say yes more, and no more too

Not necessarily in a Jim Carrey kinda way, but saying yes is a powerful tool. Obviously don’t say yes to things that will make you feel crap - life’s too short and you’re too precious - but saying yes to things that scare you, entice you, excite you and call you can all set you off on a wild enthusiastic ride. Conversely, learning and feeling comfortable with saying no to things that drain you will help you focus your time better on things that make you feel good.

look for amazing things

And by amazing, I mean really, really natural and uneventful. After a certain period of time in one place you can get complacent and the things that used to blow your mind, like sunsets, yellow cars or peeling an orange all in one will barely catch your eye. Take time to seek out those incredible, awe-inspiring, totally natural and minute things again, and see how acknowledging that makes you feel.

do something you love every single day

Making a commitment to yourself to engage in one thing you love every single day will do you wonders. Whether you have hours you can afford to spend on said task or you’re slipping in fifteen minutes, you’ll feel connected with life, the universe and everything when you’re doing what sets your heart alight.

Watch your language

Being overly enthusiastic can easily stray into dangerous, depersonalising, oddly robotic territory, but being conscious of how you talk about things and yourself can help you harness your enthusiasm. Speaking with enthusiasm, both in tone and in your language, will help solidify it - to other people and to yourself.

Ask questions and find answers…or more questions

Curiosity killed the cat but inquisitiveness emboldened the human - or something like that, anyway. It shows you’re interested and engaged with whatever’s being discussed; plus, the other person or people kind of have to answer it, which leads onto more conversation that could spark a whole different topic of interest. This also works intrapersonally as well as interpersonally (I knew that philosophy degree would finally, one day, come in handy): don’t be afraid to question things you think about and explore where that leads you. You may discover something truly bloody wonderful.