Is enthusiasm realistic?


Enthusiasm isn’t to be confused with blind, baseless positivity, or an irritating inability to be annoyed. You can still be enthusiastic whilst being royally pissed off that your parcel was chucked over your hedge instead of left in your safe place, and you can still be an enthusiast whilst feeling despair at a certain situation. This is especially true in a world like today’s, which can feel scary more days than it feels safe.

In fact, day to day, you’ll already be enthusiastic without even properly realising it. It’s not about being enthusiastic about everything, as whilst there are merits to constant positivity, overall I think it can sometimes be harmful and unrealistic. Instead, it’s about being enthusiastic about something - or even, some things generally - and really running with it. This is when the magic happens.

Enthusiasm is a universal feeling, but it’s a totally personal movement. There’s no giant change, no radical formula, no one right away (and no one left way, whilst we’re at it). It’s baby steps - a bit here, a little there. Even to say its at your own pace would be misleading, as that suggests there’s one planned path, one 12 step movement you have to follow and fit around your life. That’s not it, chief. It’s just harnessing your natural feeling, ramping it up to a level you’re comfortable with, and making the world a nicer place with it.

Of course, there will be resources and ways to introduce a structure to it if you fancy. I’m nice like that.