Happy to move for you badges 

I know it’s an oft-quoted trope about London life, but I think generally our attitudes towards public transport need to change. Instead of minding our own business and not making eye contact, we should be looking up and looking out for those in need. (I’m not asking you to tell the person sat next to you your lifestory, so don’t recoil in horror.)

Having said that, I don’t believe the onus should be on those with hidden disabilities or hardships to prove why they need or deserve to be offered a seat; so I created these badges to help them feel safe in the knowledge that you won’t ask them to. Wearing one of these badges gives those in need of a seat the peace of mind and safe security that you’ll move out of your seat for them, with no questions asked. They may have a hidden disability; they may have just been dealt devastating news; they may be fighting a battle you can’t see. But you can help by wearing one of these badges and letting them know you’re there to help!